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      電話:025-68139778(直線) 025-52219395
      手機:17327981630 13951630932



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      南京第二機床廠有限公司(南京第二機床廠)、南京二機床精密設備制造有限公司,屬于國有大型一檔骨干企業,是我國唯一能向用戶提供除磨齒機以 外的圓柱齒輪成套加工設備的企業,并能向用戶批量提供各種規格的數控車床、數控銑床、加工中心、龍門數控鏜銑床、龍門加工中 心、數控萬能工具銑床、高精度回轉工作臺、齒輪機床、普通車床等9大類、15個系列,100多個品種,主要為汽車、摩托車、大型齒 輪加工行業、五金工具行業和高等院校、職業院校等服務產品,產品除在國內有穩定的市場外,還遠銷國外40多個國家和地區。 1997年企業獲得ISO9001國際質量管理標準認證證書。
      企業十分重視對新產品的開發研制,堅持產學研相結合,走技術創新之路,通過與國際著名公司,國內大專院校技術引進,人才引進,企業研制開發的數控車床、數控銑床、龍門加工中心等新一代數控機床,其主要指標和性能,具有國內先進水平。 企業大力推進技術改造,先后引進德國樹脂沙鑄造生產線,格里森八軸數控蝸桿砂輪磨齒機,德國、瑞士斯圖特高精度外圓磨床和迪 克西座標鏜床,日本九軸數控剃刀磨及數控沖裁、剪板、三座標檢測儀等一大批世界一流的技術裝備和工藝手段,在國內同行業處于 領先地位。

      Brief lntroduction

      Nanjing No.2 Machine Tool works Co.,Ltd.(i.e.Nangjing Erjichuang CNC Machine Tool C.o. Ltd.) is a state-owned
      large-size back-bone enterprise and is the only one manufacturer in China specialized in the production of all kinds
      of cylindrica- gear-cutting machines except the gear grinding machine.This company also has the capability of
      supplying batches of the following machines with different specifications; CNC lathes,CNC milling machines,machining
      centers,gantry-type CNCganty type boring & milling machines,CNC universal tool millingmachines,high-precision rotary
      tables, gear-cutting machines and conventional lathes, etc.All these machines are available in 9 categories,
      15 series and more than one hundred of different specifications.All of them are oriented for the automobile
      factories,the motorcycle factories,the big-size gear making factories,the hardware tool factories,the colleges &
      universities and the vocational school. The produced of this company not only occupy a stable market share in China,
      but also have been exported to more than 40 different countries and regions In the year of 1997,this company was
      accredited the certificate of the ISO9001 international quality control standard.
      This company attaches great importance to the development of new products, insists on the combination of
      manufacturing factories,the higher learning institutes and the research departments and fpllows the road of
      technical creation. Through the technical cooperation with the well-known international companies and the domestic
      colleges and universities,this company has acquired advanced
      technologies form them and has introduced qualified personnel .Therefore,this company has succeeded in the
      development of CNC machine of new generation.,such as the CNC lathes, the CNC milling machines and the CNC gantry
      type machining centers.The major indexes and performance of these machines have advanced domestic and overseas levels. 

      This company devotes great efforts to the technical reform.For this reason, this company introduced a group of
      world-level technical equipment and the world-level production process form overseas ,such as the resin-bonded
      sand production line form Germany, a CNC 8-axis wormshaft-wheel-type gear grinder form the Gleason Co.,the Stut
      high-precision external grinding machines and Dixi jig-boring machines from Germany and Switzerland, the CNC
      9-axis shaving cutter grinding machine,the CNC nibbling,the CNC shearing machine and the 3-dimensional tester
      from Japan.Now, this company takes the leading position in the same trade in china so far as the technical
      equipment and the production process are concemed.

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